Weigh in: 3/17/2009

Starting Weight: 244.4
Weigh In: 239.0
Total Lost: 5.4 lbs

I was not looking forward to getting on the scale this week.  I thought for sure I would have gained, because much of this weekend was eating out with mom, and I binged on Sunday (which probably brought on the sick) because Jon got mad at me...

But I guess diarrhea has its uses.  It seems to have cancelled out what I would have gained over the weekend, and I am happy to say that I am below 240.  That feels like a milestone to me.  Getting below 230 will feel good, too... and 220...

I wish I could express how happy I am...  I know it wasn't lost in the safest way, but I thought for sure I would have gained, which would have made me really upset and tempted me to quit...  But I'm back at it today, with my meal bars and water and raisins and yogurt...

I need to start planning better meals, because the bars get old.  I think tonight I'll sit down and plan out next week so that I have something to go with.

But this is the face of a happy girl.  Well, you can't see my face... but I finally made it to 5 pounds.  Took long enough, but I did it!


Dina said...

Congrats on having the runs!

Kidding, but congrats on the loss!

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