Bitch Fest

I'm introducing a new category, and there's a story behind this one...

Let's get personal.

When I was in high school, I was all edgy, and buzzed my head.  Ok, I asked for a "pixie cut" when I went to the salon, and came out with 1/2" hair all over my head.  I was really embarrassed about it for two days, until I discovered how amazingly easy it was to have no hair, and then I continued to buzz it.  And because high schoolers are mean, this prompted a rumor that I was a lesbian.  I remember one girl coming up and asking me if I was, and then telling me when I said no that it's nothing to be ashamed of.  Lesbians are cool.


Enter my "best" friend at the time, who invites me out for coffee to "break up with me."  She can't be friends with someone who is a lesbian because she'll always be worrying if I'm looking at her, you know, that way.  Huh?  First of all... ok, first of all.  Second of all, even if I WERE a lesbian, she'd be the last poontang I'd go for.  Ginger kids just don't do it for me.

After that, the Bitch Fest was born.  My friends and I would get together for coffee and bitch about this girl.  And then it evolved into other things.  We'd bitch about everything.

So, I'm going to bring back a high school tradition and bitch about my job.  My boss told me today about a Phone-a-thon he is planning for some Sunday at the end of the month.  Ok, I'll help... reluctantly.  Then he asked me if I could ask my friends to come.  I'm like, yeah right, like a bunch of my friends will want to show up to call people to ask for money for some obscure Jewish Organization on the very very NORTH side of the city (like, Evanston is the other side of the street, and Skokie is just a few blocks west).  But, because I'm diligent, I posted a Facebook event on the thing, which I'm sure is going to garner a TON of support (notice the sarcasm?).

Sometimes these guys are so clueless...  They think they are a driving force in the world, but they listen to Rush Limbaugh and don't know who Will Ferrell is.  NOBODY cares about this outside of their own community.  It's really frustrating when they expect the world and nothing happens.  I'm made to feel like it's a failure on my part, when really, it's just that they don't quite have broad enough appeal to make it worthwhile for most people to participate.  It's frustrating...


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