Bitch Fest: Work Again

Top Ten:  Reasons it would be AWESOME if I didn't have to work

10.  I am tired of the fucking skirts.  Don't wanna wear them anymore.  Wish I could stick to sweatpants and jeans.  Grr.
9.  I could sit around all day writing top ten lists.
8.  I could finally devote some real time to writing exercises... because blogging about how fat I am isn't going to make me a novelist.
7.  Red streaks in my hair.  Awesome.
6.  I'm a night person.  I like to stay up till 3 am and sleep till 11.  That's how I roll.
5.  I would have no more excuses about being too tired to get to the gym.
4.  I could sing to myself all day.
3.  I could tat myself up like I've been DYING to do.
2.  Running errands is much easier during the middle of the week while all of the other suckers are working.
1.  I want more piercings.  I want to get a Marilyn.  I want to gauge my ears.  I love metal in the face.  Sexy sexy sexy.  And uber addictive.


Dina said...

Or you could just get a crappy job, where they let you have those things :). My vote :) lol at your list.

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