Bitch Fest: Wells Fargo

So on Friday, I got a call on my cell phone from a collections agent at Wells Fargo bitching at me about my student loans.  This comes as a surprise to me - I thought I was paying my student loans?  I had a consolidation about two years ago, so I was dutifully paying... or so I thought.

The lady gets on the phone and has this attitude with me, telling me I am behind like three months and owe them $200.  Now, I don't make a ton of money, so this is a little bit upsetting to me.  I tell her I want documentation - is there something she can email me?  No, she can't do that... but they stuck something in the mail to me a few days ago.  Ok, then.  I'll pay it when I see it.  Well, can't I pay a little something right now?

I proceed to get my own attitude, and insist that I have been paying.  She looks into my account, and tells me I've been paying on ONE of my loans, not the other.  I tell her that I get the statement in the mail, and I pay it.  She says, yes indeed, I am current on one of my loans.  And I say, "Well, this just doesn't make sense.  OBVIOUSLY I'm not being irresponsible here.  I am current on one loan, why wouldn't I be current on the other?  This is obviously a failure of communication on your part.  I have not been getting my statements from you.  Had I been getting my statements from you, I would have been paying them."

She doesn't quite know what to say to that, so she just asks me if there is any way I can pay a little something right now.  No, I tell her.  I want paper documentation.  She proceeds to tell me that I should set up automatic payments online so this never happens again.  I laugh... I don't authorize ANYTHING to automatically come out of my checking account.  If it comes out of my checking account, I am either swiping my debit card or writing a check.  I work in accounting.  I like paper trails.  I continue to be a bitch right back at her until she hangs up.

This pisses me off so bad.  No wonder people tell you to check your credit report.  I'm sure mine is in the tubes right now because of this bullshit.  I probably could have seen this coming and called them up and been like, what the fuck?  But now I owe $200 on a student loan I didn't even know I was supposed to be paying, and I don't really have an extra $200 sitting around.  I'll figure out a way to pay it - that doesn't really concern me so much.  It's the irresponsibility and fucked-uppedness of the whole situation that pisses me off.  Seriously?  No ounce of understanding.  There is no putting two and two together.

Also, I'm pissed off at my mom.  She has always claimed me as a dependent...  Well, last May - EARLY last May, I got a full-time job, graduated from school, and immediately started supporting myself.  AND SHE STILL WAS ABLE TO TALK ME INTO LETTING HER CLAIM ME AS A DEPENDENT AGAIN.  I am going to get fucked AGAIN.  Out of my refund, out of any stimulus money that could possibly come my way...  I told her about the $600 I missed out on last year, and she felt really bad about it.  She tells me that she would save more money than I would if she was to claim me as a dependent, but I'm going to get fucked in the long run... maybe I'll even have to pay.  I just don't have that kind of money.  Last year she says, "Please, I'll make it worth your while."  And did she?  No.  No, of course not.

I just let everyone walk all over me and fuck me over.  It sucks.


HopeFool said...

Sorry about that mom situation and the $200.

I gave you an award today though. Does that help? Didn't think so. Go get it anyways...

Crystal said...

I hate the student loan people. I have them too and I am never late. They tried to do the same thing to me.

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