Wedding Blather: THE dress (but not what you think)

Ok, so this isn't for my wedding, it's for my mom's.  I generally check Torrid every day, because I always get excited about cute clothes that I can actually wear, and lo and behold... here is this dress!  I have ALWAYS wanted something like this.  I figure I'll probably get a little cropped black cardi to go with it so I can hide my fat arms (because I HATE my arms), pair it with a cute pair of summery shoes, and BAM!  Instant hottie.

I'll blog about wedding dresses I've been thinking about too.  The only part of me I really like are my ankles up to about mid-calf, and I'm short, so I think a shorter dress would probably be best.  Plus, Jon and I just want a semi-traditional wedding (emphasis on the semi).

But yes, my mom is getting married in June.  I like the guy she's with.  He's a little weird, but that's ok.  She likes him, and that's all that matters.  Seriously, my mom stayed single after my parents divorced for 16 years before she started dating again.  She always joked that her virginity grew back in that time.  She really deserves this.  And I'm going to be her maid of honor... but this shindig is going to be very casual, so I get to wear whatever I want.  Yay!

I have to give her and her fiancee credit for doing it their way.  Mind you, I think their way is a little cheesey (it's going to be Indian - as in Mumbai/Bollywood/Ravi Shenkhar Indian), but it's going to be ultra-casual.  They're going to roast a pig over an open pit instead of having a traditional sit-down meal.  They're trying to attain a spontaneous and fun kind of atmosphere instead of something where you go and just want to leave...

I want that at my wedding.  I want the guests to be having a blast.  Which is why we're thinking about setting up Karaoke instead of doing the traditional dj or band and dance floor.  Good idea, or stupid?  Whatcha think?


Dina said...

I think Karaoke sounds like it'd be a blast at a wedding!

That dress is too frigging cute, I love it!

lol about "her virginity grew back"

HopeFool said...

Cute dress for sure.

The karaoke idea, I love. I have a set-up in the bar in my basement and people never wanted to leave. People who would never sing at a bar full of strangers will do it at my house, sometimes until 4 in the morning (oh no). I'm thinking it would be the same deal at a wedding since your guests will sort of know lots of the people there.

If you do karaoke though, make sure, to get a great KJ with a great big book. You definitely have to go see him run a show just like you would go audition a band.

FatGirlSlim said...

HopeFool - good idea! Thank you for the tip.

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