Gusher: Off topic, and totally yay!

So, I'll post something non-related to my fat ass.  Because I can.  And also, because I do things other than just be fat.  Most of those things involve sitting on my ass and contributing to the fatness (why do the things that make you smart, like reading and writing and learning Hebrew also require you to sit down and give it your full attention... well, I guess reading doesn't have to, but I was an English major, so I'm a very intense reader), but that's neither here nor there.  Or at least I'll pretend it's neither here nor there.  Whatever.

I got my birthday present today!  I turn 24 a week from tomorrow, and Jon is the breast, seriously.  I had some last-minute shit I needed for my apartment, like cleaning supplies, new cookware (because the non-stick coating was flaking off when I steam my rice, yo), a vacuum cleaner.  I know, it seems like a travesty that I only am getting a vacuum cleaner now, and I'm 24 years old, but the place I'd lived in for the past two years had hardwood.  My apartment before that was carpeted, but when I moved I bequeathed my vacuum unto a friend who had a carpeted apartment.  But never fear!  I still have hardwood throughout the new place, but the bedroom is carpeted, which is actually kind of nice on cold tootsies in the morning, I'm discovering...

ANNNYWAY, we did a Target run and I was prepared to drop about $400 on all of this shit, but surprise!  Jon whipped out his credit card and paid for everything because he's a dear.  Side note - don't you just love Target?  In Chicago, I think only one Wal-Mart was allowed to squeak inside city limits, and it's on the south side or the west side or something, and I'm on the far northeast side, so we have Target.  It feels so much better than Wal-Mart.  It's always bright and clean-looking, so you just don't feel so dirty as you're buying your toilet paper and shampoo.  But, I was surprised that Jon paid, because I knew that later that day we were going to go get my birthday present.

Now, I know most of you have probably never seen one of these, because there are only four stores in the whole USA (one in San Francisco, one in Soho, and two here in Chicago), but we hit up CB2, which is the modern version of Crate & Barrel to get me some office furniture, because I finally have the space to have a little mini office.  I was kind of stumped about what to do for a chair, but we found one that was on sale for $50.00 and snatched it.  It all looks SO AWESOME!

So tomorrow morning, I'm going to scrub the shit out of this place because my mom is a super clean freak and I fear her judgment raining down upon me.  The art is going to go up on the walls, and then it will finally be DONE!

I should post pictures, really.  I have the most beautiful apartment in the world.  Well, maybe it's not THE most beautiful, but it's certainly the nicest place I've ever lived.  I have a kitchen with real live counter space (a serious rarity in Chicago... seriously), and... wait for it... a DISHWASHER.  If you've ever washed dishes by hand for six straight years when you grew up with a dishwasher, having one again is kind of an emotional experience.  I personally think that I have the best taste in the world... well, maybe it's not to some, but I just love bright, happy colors, big bold prints, and uber modern lines in my "design" concept...  It's taken years to acquire my art pieces, and they all mean something to me (like the big mixed media canvas of a motorcycle I have hanging above my sofa).  

Speaking of which, I will be so friggin' happy when the new modern art wing opens at the Art Institute.  I think it's been years that they've been rotating their collection, which is really disappointing when you REALLY want to see "American Gothic" or Warhol's 18' Mao, only to get there and discover that it's not on display.  Grr...  I guess I could go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, but I'm usually disappointed by the bullshitty self-importance of artists there.  I mean, artists these days have this "rock star" complex that I find utterly annoying... and most of the time, they're not even good, in my opinion.  No... I don't think that a woman meticulously slathering herself with mayonnaise (true story) really counts as art.  That's my opinion, though...


Dina said...

I didn't get a vacuum until I was an oldster either :)

Good luck on getting your place up to your mom's clean freak standards :)

Target is the shit. I love it.

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