Gusher: Happy Purim!

So I told you about the traditional giving of food for Purim?  Well, when I got into work yesterday morning, there was a cute little bundled wrapped in clear cellophane containing some cool food.  Not like fruit snacks or candy, but like... weird snacks that you don't see very often.  Japan nuts?  Australian red vines?  Kosher bunt cake?

I'm proud to report that the food did not tempt me.  I don't even want to unwrap it because it's so cute.  I complain about my job... a little... but the guys I work for are some of the sweetest people on the planet.  For reals.  I simply adore the pants off them.  For Rosh Hashana, I got a honey cake, a bottle of wine, and a jar of special Kosher honey.  For Chanukah, they gave me $100 at Carson's (nice... still haven't used it yet, though).  And now this for Purim.  I don't think I got anything for Shavuot next year, but Pesach is coming up, and I'm sure I'm going to get some sort of gift, because they're sweet.  I think they respect me because I haven't run screaming yet.

So today is Purim.  I have to work this evening for a little while, but I have today off otherwise.  Tomorrow is still Purim, and my mom flies in!  I'm going to go into work for a little while tomorrow.  I have some filing to do, and some emails and calls to make (which I'll actually probably do on Thursday in the morning so that I'm not in violation of the holiday).  And I'm waiting for the cable guy to hook me up.  Why does the cable guy take FOREVER?  The internet guy is always there at the beginning of the window, the furniture delivery guy, too.  But what's with the cable guy?  Fuck you, Comcast.


HopeFool said...

I guess it's racist of me but I love me some Jews. Every one I have ever known (not too many admittedly) has been smart and gentle. The whole killing of Jesus thing is truly regrettable.

Rebecca said...

Happy Purim!

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