Bitch Fest: Beth Ditto

Okay... I really want to like Beth Ditto.  I really do.  She's got some amazing talent on her.  As a (former) singer, I really respect her vocal agility.  She's bold and in-your-face and confrontational, and really has the potential to be inspiration to anyone who thinks that something could hold them back.  Fat pop star?  What?

But I just can't get over... this.  I mean, I'm all about fat people being able to do anything a thin person can do.  I think that it's unfair that society as a whole says I can't be a sex symbol.  I don't like having a "complex" about myself.

But Beth... Beth...  You could do it with a touch more class, couldn't you?

I was in a store with my mom looking at shoes for her wedding.  There was a pair she really liked, but her toes just wouldn't go to the end of the shoe, and the guy said, "These just aren't going to work for you."

I agree that everyone should be able to look and feel beautiful.  Fat girls shouldn't be be confined to sweatpants and mumus, but should they also go running around in hot pants?  One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing fat girls in clothes they really have no business wearing.  It's like, you could go with this outfit that accentuates your muffin top, or you could go with something that shows off your fat girl assets, like your big titties or your hot waist-to-hip ratio.  I'm just saying that there are things that are sexy about big girls.  The boyfriend I had pre-Jon always loved my curves - my hips, my butt, my boobs.  These are things to be proud of.  I look better in a clingy, low-cut dress than a thin girl does because I have the curves and the tits to fill it out!  That's what I can't freakin' stand.  It's kind of like the women who try to prove that they're as good as men by adopting the mannerisms and machismo of a man.  I don't want to be respected by men by becoming a man... I want to be respected by men in the skin that I have.

I think Beth Ditto sends the wrong message to fat girls...  No, you can't do hot pants or skinny jeans or tighter-than-tight clothing... But you do wear other things better than a thin girl could.  Why don't you flaunt what you've got instead of pretending that you don't have it at all?

This all could make sense and be true... or it might not.  What do U think about fat-shion?  Isn't there a way that you can be sexy or look good at any size?  By trying to pull off clothes meant for thin girls, aren't we essentially saying that it's ok to let everyone judge us based on those standards?  That it's very clear that we don't "fit" into a thin world?


Donni said...

I agree about how to dress your body that is appropriate. Maybe someone needs to sign Beth up for TLC's What Not to Wear. Clothes can flatter your shape at any size. Fun how pencil straight women want to wear clothes that give them curves and curvy women want to look pencil straight!

Tricia said...

I don't know much about Beth Ditto aside from stuff I've read on PerezHilton. But...yeah, I agree. I think she's probably selling herself short as an artist by being more well known as a fashion-don't than a singer.

Then again, I dress like an out-of-work nun, so what do I know about fashion? I watch Project Runway and the only things I like always lose. I need help!

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