Diet: Spoke Too Soon

I was tickled pink by the 5 pound loss in my first week.  I was like, oh, this isn't so hard.  No problem.  I can do this.

So I didn't keep track of dinner.  If I got through the day on 15 Points, I'd just pig out at night and figure, whatever.  I need to eat 16 points anyway.


I got on the scale this morning, and it said 241 even.  WHAT????  How is that possible?  And I'm going to New York today.  I'm not planning on taking my laptop or my scale, and I KNOW I'm going to eat something that I reeeeeeallly shouldn't.  In fact, I'm probably going to eat a lot of things that I really shouldn't.  Solution?

Well, I don't have a solution.  I guess I'm just going to try to eek it out as best I can.  When I come back on Sunday, maybe the scale won't have jumped too terribly high.  But it's really shocking, that I have been consuming MUCH less than I used to, and I still gained a pound back!  I kind of think that I might start my period here pretty soon... I just "feel" it coming... so maybe I'm just retaining water...

No more excuses, though.  As soon as I get back from New York, I am putting my entire faith and trust in Weight Watchers and Slim Fast.  The Slim Fast plan keeps me within my points for the day, and it tells me what to put in my body.  I need that.  Obviously, I can't do this on my own.  I thought I had relinquished control, but I hadn't.  I was still bucking it.  I don't WANT to be this heavy, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore!

I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I'm going to enjoy my vacation.  I'm going to try to make better choices than I would have, but I'm going to have fun.  And come Monday, I relinquish control.  Because my sense of control isn't hacking it.


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