Had to show off my manicure, foos...  Purdy purdy... :)  And shocking, for some reason.  Don't you love Macs and the built in cameras?

I have all of these grand plans for the morning...  I'm going to CLEAN.  I'm going to GET IN MY STRENGTH ROUTINE.  I'm going to EAT WHAT'S IN MY MEAL PLAN.  I'm going to EMO MY HAIR OUT and GO WINDOW SHOPPING for fun.  I'm going to BLAST ENON ALL DAY!

Actually... I'm all giddy right now, possibly because I'm so overjoyed that it's the weekend.  Enjoy my "virtual mixtape" for all y'alls.  Yeah.  These be some jams I rock out to.  Don't make fun of me :(

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K, that was icky fun. I started feeling self conscious about the dance rock, so I had to show how tough I am by throwing in some hardcore and some oi!. Aren't I amazing? :D

And, of course, it seems necessary that I round out a trilogy of multimedia with a video...  Maybe it's just us, but my best friend (who happens to be my ex... I know, drama drama drama) and I can't stop laughing at this one:

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend full of laughs and music and rockstariness.  I know I will.  WOOOO!  YEAHHH!!!!!


Dina said...

Cute nails and cute pic!

Tricia said...

Nice nails. I never had a french manicure (is that what they're still called? I am out of it.) before. I always go with regular old red or pink because my nails are little and I have bad habits. Looks nice though!

And that video looks like every friday night I've ever had in my life. ;)

FatGirlSlim said...

Yeah, I usually asphyxiate a hooker on Fridays too. It just doesn't feel like the weekend unless I do...

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