The move has happened

Ok, new site is up and running.  That was pretty easy, and it looks TOTALLY hot.  I'd love for all of you to join me over there and put me on your feed.  Whee!

While the site is up, it's still got a little work going on.  I have some links that I'm farting around with and working on, so have no fear.. it'll be ok.

Stop by and see me at


I'll love you forever :)

And, officially, blogger can suck my nuts because it often eats my posts and I'm tired of having to write a ton of html to make them look even halfway decent.  Also... this blog is going to be more interesting, because while I'm trying to lose weight, it's not like, a passion of mine.  This new site is more about passion.  I likes passion.

See you there!


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